Kjetil the Dragon

Translation from Swedish into English of the children’s opera Kjetil the Dragon by the librettist and set designer Eva Sommestad Holten and composer Andy Pape for Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen.

Magic City

Translation from English to Swedish of catalogue etc. for the international Street Art exhibition MAGIC CITY (Stockholm October 2017–February 2018).

Wall Decoration in Pompeii

English copy-editing for Wall Decoration in Pompeii – Plaster Stucco Paint by Agneta Freccero, artist and stone conservator. Published by L’Erma di Bretschneider, Rome, 2018.

Peace with the Earth

A translation of Fred med jorden by Elin Wägner and Elisabeth Tamm (1940). A collaboration between Åsa Sonjasdotter and the Flory Gate Foundation. Sponsored by the Swedish Arts Council. Published during spring 2020 by Archive Books, Berlin.

The Future of Cities

Translation into English of Alla behöver närhet – Så blir framtidens städer/Closer Together – This Is the Future of Cities by Alexander Ståhle, researcher in urban design at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Publisher: Dokument Press, 2016.

A Translator in India

In 2007, I was invited to translate three short stories by Vaikom Muhammad Basher for the Indo-Swedish translation project, a state-funded exchange programme between Sweden and India. I travelled to Trivandrum in Kerala where I spent two weeks working with the author, poet, editor and translator Rizio Yohannan Raj in her mother-in-law’s flat, on trains and in hotel …

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